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Soy wax for molds

Soy wax for molds


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Completely natural, 100% soy wax for making free-standing and decorative candles.

  • Formulated for making candles from molds
  • Melting point: 58°C
  • Pouring temperature: 75°C-80°C
  • Optimal content of fragrance oil in wax 6-10%
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Product description

CB-101 Soy wax is 100% hydrogenated soybean oil.

  • Eco friendly – ​​wax obtained from renewable sources, by processing soy that is not genetically modified (non-GMO).
  • As a completely natural product, it is biodegradable and non-toxic, both for the environment and for your health.
  • CB-101 Soy wax has a milky white color and a perfect smooth, creamy structure that gives the final product a refined look.
  • He gets scared easily.
  • It is easy to remove from the mold.
  • It burns evenly and for a long time, without smoke or soot.
  • It is characterized by a fantastic absorption of the smell, which results in an extraordinary scent of the candle, before and during burning.

The product is packed in the form of granules, which makes it easier to measure.


Melt the wax in a melting pot or a double bottom steamer at a temperature of 85°C. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 90°C, because the wax may become discolored. Remove from heat.

If you are using colors and scented oils, add them to the melted wax and mix gently for 2 minutes.

The optimal pouring temperature is 80°C (+/-5°C).

Allow the wax to cool to a uniform room temperature as slowly as possible to achieve a smooth candle surface.

CB-101 is a high melting point wax and tends to shrink on cooling.

The solution to this problem is to always leave a small amount of wax that you will use for additional pouring of the poured candle immediately after hardening. Heat the additional wax at a temperature approximately 5-10°C higher than the original poured wax in order to avoid creating a visible line between the two layers and to enable good adhesion.

Although the candle will look ready to use after just a few hours, the wax takes a few days to harden completely. We recommend that the candle stand for at least 48 hours before use, and if it is a scented candle, 7-14 days.


The amount of delivery costs is RSD 350. If the value of the order is greater than RSD 6,000, delivery is free.

The usual time frame for order processing and delivery is 2-5 working days.


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Product name: Soy wax CB-101 for candle production
Composition: 100% hydrogenated soybean oil
Importer: Candle bar doo, Bulevar despota Stefana 119, Belgrade, Serbia
Country of origin: China
Expiry date: October 2026