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Soy Wax C-3

Soy Wax C-3

Cargill-NATURE WAX C-3

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Nature wax C-3 soy wax for professional use
  • Formulated for making candles in containers
  • Melting point: 51°-55°C
  • Pouring temperature: 62°-83°C
  • Optimal content of fragrance oil in wax 6-8%

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Product description

Nature wax C-3 soy wax with a high melting point is one of the most commonly used waxes among professional candle makers around the world. It is made of 100% natural materials, without toxic substances and synthetic additives.

  • The fantastic absorption of the scent results in an extraordinary scent of the candle, before and during burning
  • It burns evenly and for a long time, without smoke or soot
  • Packed in the form of a sheet, which makes measuring easier
  • Vegan

Although a reliable wax on its own, it also mixes well with other waxes.


Melt the wax in a melting pot or a double bottom steamer at a temperature of 85°C. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 90°C, because the wax may become discolored. Remove from heat.

If you are using colors and scented oils, add them to the melted wax and mix gently for 2 minutes.

This wax is sensitive to changes in temperature that can lead to cracks and the formation of unevenness during cooling. For best results, the optimal pouring temperature is 62°-83°C and should follow the ambient temperature (the temperature of the room where you make the candles). The colder the room, the higher the temperature of the wax should be.

It is recommended to heat the containers to a temperature of 35-50°C immediately before pouring the wax.

Allow the wax to cool to a uniform room temperature as slowly as possible to achieve good adhesion and a smooth candle surface.

Uneven hardening of the candle surface can be corrected by additional pouring immediately after the wax hardens or by heating the surface with a hot air gun.

Although the candle will look ready to use after just a few hours, the wax takes a few days to harden completely. We recommend that the candle stand for at least 48 hours before use, and if it is a scented candle, 7-14 days.


The amount of delivery costs is RSD 350. If the value of the order is greater than RSD 6,000, delivery is free.

The usual time frame for order processing and delivery is 2-5 working days.


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Product name: C-3 soy wax for candle production
Composition: 100% hydrogenated soybean oil
Lot: 0033088814
Country of origin: USA