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Candle wick Stabilo 8

Candle wick Stabilo 8


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Wedo Stabilo series of flat knitted cotton wicks with woven paper threads for reinforced construction.

  • Recommended use in candles with a diameter of 47mm to 57mm
  • Length 120mm
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Product description

Stabilo wicks from the accredited manufacturer Wedo are made of the highest quality materials, with the most modern knitting and winding technology.

  • The wicks are 120mm long, waxed and attached to 15mm metal holders for maximum rigidity and easy pouring.
  • They ensure consistent capillary action in various waxes, including vegetable waxes and waxes with a high fragrance oil content that are difficult to melt.
  • They are characterized by reduced carbon accumulation (mushroom formation) and less tendency to smoke.
  • Consistent product quality from batch to batch.
  • Made of cotton, they do not contain lead and zinc
  • Vegan and no animal testing


Measure the inner diameter of the container or mold and determine the required wick size from the attached table. For candles with a diameter >115mm, use two or more smaller wicks.

The recommended sizes are only rough guidelines because different waxes, scents and colors affect the performance of the wick.

A stable and calm flame is a sign that you are using the right size wick for your candle. If the flame is too high/too small and excessively "plays", this usually indicates that the wick is not suitable.

Ideally, the wick should be placed in the center of the container/mold to allow the candle to burn properly.

Shorten the wick to a length of 5-7mm before using the candle.

Remove the formed carbon deposits after the candle is extinguished.


The amount of delivery costs is RSD 350. If the value of the order is greater than RSD 6,000, delivery is free.

The usual deadline for order processing and delivery is 2-5 working days.


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Product name: Candle wick Stabilo 8
Composition: Waxed cotton wick
Importer: Candle bar doo, Bulevar despota Stefana 119, Belgrade, Serbia
Country of origin: Germany