Fragrance calculator

measuring the amount of fragrance and wax in the candle

Amount of wax required: grams

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Accurate measurement of ingredients is key to creating perfect candles that burn evenly, emit the desired scent, and have the ideal texture and appearance.

Our candle making calculator is designed to help you effortlessly determine the exact amounts of wax and fragrance oil needed for your projects.

No more guesswork or wasted material – this helpful tool will help you achieve consistent results every time, ensuring you stay within the recommended fragrance amounts for your specific type of wax.



If you have just started making candles or are using our calculator for the first time, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Enter the weight of the candle

In the first input field marked "Weight of the finished candle", enter the desired weight of the candle in grams. This is the total weight of the candle you plan to make, excluding the weight of the container or mold.

Step 2: Enter the percentage of fragrance oil

In the second input field labeled "percentage of scented oil", enter the percentage of scented oil that you want to add to the candle wax. Take care of the maximum fragrance content for the type of wax you use.

Step 3: Do the math

Click on the "Calculate" button below the input field. Our candle making calculator will instantly determine the precise amounts of wax and fragrance oil needed to make your candle.

Step 4: If you are making multiple candles

If you plan to make more than one candle with the same specifications, you can easily adjust the quantities for multiple candles. After calculating the required amounts of wax and fragrance oil for one candle, simply multiply these values ​​by the number of candles you intend to make.

For example, if the calculator shows that you need 50 grams of wax and 5 grams of fragrance oil for one candle, and you plan to make 5 candles, you will need:


50 grams x 5 candles = 250 grams of wax

5 grams x 5 candles = 25 grams of fragrance oil